Back Ground

I am the Grandson of Thimuay Danda Antanao, and the 10th sibling of Datu Wata Eduardo A. Danda WWII USAFE, AFP veteran, a first cousin of Datu Wilborne S. Danda, the product of Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) BS Electrical Engineering Class'88, married with 3 children


Presently a resident right here in Singapore i was started this website on Feb 26 2006 where i am creating our Danda Clan family website in a silent night there is a whisper word like a cold wind and a word whispering at my ears it “say” who stand for us”…I believe this the word of my APO’s to give me a task for sake of my original blood stream a Subanen Tribe.. after then, the spirit of APOs the word and intellectual flow in my brain where I am in front of the laptop is always flow and flow, then, my worry who will financial this website if ever I will register it and subscribe as official on line. Nevertheless, the spirit of our APO ancestor make all possible for the other un-explainable resources that answer to my provident. This website are 8th year delivering information throughout global the correct and precise custom and tradition of Subanen Tribe.

Thank you Dr. Fausto “Jun” Imbing (USA) for recognition and constantly financial support for this website. To all Subanen globally I challenge you to do so contribute whatever you had financial, knowledge, though etc.… as the saying say… Nobody will stand for Subanen Tribe.. only Suabanen

God Bless You.


Loreto (Ayeng) D. Danda

Email: [email protected]

I would like to extend my gratitude to  energetic young Subanen Tribe Ms. Sheila Mae Ponce-Gumonod  for accepted the responsibility to be the new administrator of the website. She also the Treasurer for National Subanen Youth Council.