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Balik Eskwela 2016: Give Them the Reason to Smile

Posted by Louie on June 26, 2016 at 12:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Sembu'en Di "Balik Eskwela 2016"

WE are calling all Subanen and friends to support us in our aim to reach even the farthest boundaries where our fellow Subanens live. We are asking you once more your untiring support to our traditional sharing of blessings, love and care to the less fortunate Subanen kids in different provinces across Zamboanga Peninsula - our Ancestral Domain.

The Global Subanen Association, Inc. has reached Leon Postigo in Zamboanga del Norte year after we shared joy at Palalian, Kalawit of the same province. We also reached Langilan of San Miguel and some Barangays of Tubod, both of Zamboanga del Sur. We are proud to say that all Municipalities of Zamboanga Sibugay have been catered by our organization for the past three years. Before the 3rd quarter of 2016, we are aiming to touch the grounds of Zamboanga City and Misamis Occidental, to remote places and off the grid Subanen Communities where the calling for our voluntary services are more needed.

In behalf of Global Subanen Association, Inc., I am asking each one of you to share "Isang Lapis, Isang Papel" to the needy and less fortunate Subanen Kids. It is our obligation to serve and continuosly protect the interest of our kind, of our tribe, of our identity that has survived for more than 1500 years. Be proud, be responsible!

Mabatik nyu su BLESSINGS rin Diwata Migbebaya ta!

The Kolibugan

Posted by Louie on August 2, 2015 at 12:45 PM Comments comments (0)

The Kolibugan

Dawn of Subanen Tribe

Posted by Louie on March 28, 2015 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (1)


Our quest starts here.

Shurat Subanen - Ancient Subanen System of Writing

Posted by Louie on December 10, 2014 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (9)

(we may not live forever but our landmarks shall never be forgotten)

Our pre-Spanish writing system has been kept by some supreme guardians or "Gbelyan Megiba" for four (4) centuries, they were Apo Guilingan, Apo Tawan-Tawan and Apo Dimacaling, in the advent of Japanese Empire, some Subanen families who were called the keepers of every Subanen clan were brought to Mt. Malindang (Subanen's most sacred mountain). Among the families, including those chosen from the Maranaw tribe, three (3) clan leaders/chiefs were again chosen to keep the sacred writings. After World War II, the chosen families returned to their communities but were saddened when they found that their lands were no longer theirs, they were displaced and settled in different places in Zamboanga Peninsula, ours has been kept away from the tribe for almost a century now, we never grew in the tribe, we were totally detached. The tribe's spirit haunt me for several times in the past until my father revealed where we came from and who we really are, I am the one and only in my clan who braved to return, I am home.


Subanen script has been forgotten when western formal education was totally introduced to our country, to Mindanao and to the Subanen domain. Our script was about to extinct just like many other traditions in the past, just like our language, just like our leaders who fought for the tribe, just like the old bearers of the Subanen script, just like those who were poisoned in the foot of Malindang when their homes were taken from them and their dreams broke into pieces, played in the wind and lost among the enchanted trees of the mountain, never was heard. The revival of tribe has come to its age and the revolution to save what are still left of the past became the hamoc to collect all the remaining treasures of the tribe, some chosen people from the new generations were given the opportunities to discover and save the colours and gifts of the past, some were given the recognition in saving the endangered language, some were given the credit for saving the remaining epics, songs, stories, legends, dances and significant prayers, some were given the formidable quest, taboo, to uncover the oldest invention of the tribe - our Shurat Subanen. Three of our mentors passed away, they were who ambitiously tried to uncover the very secret of the tribe but failed in the process. In our present time, Mrs. Janie Huminis Hapalla and me faced the challenge and dared to change the portal of the old tradition, we dared to summon the sacred rites and claim the ancient system of writing for the generations after us to learn, we open the room of the past and give way for the present to illuminate its walls, to draw the dawn of our Golden Years, and to tell the stories of those who struggled in the past for their people to live, for their rights to our homeland, for the tribe to survive. We open the door for history. After 400 years, we are serving the public with our own Shurat, Subanen Baybayin - the ancient Subanen system of writing.


This is dedicated to the noble mentors who shared some of their time and offered their lives to discover our scripts. They may have failed but their inspiration was the key to open the past world and beyond. Their footprints were the legends pointing us all towards the path to discover more.


Testament of Extinction

Posted by Louie on June 30, 2014 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)

A long walk of about thirty six (36) river crossing by the foot of arrogant marvelous mountains and a not so friendly terrain where everyone will take a two (2) hours hike to reach an isolated Subanen community near the haven where the "Diwatas" live, is a breathtaking cradle of life. Shiolan is a barangay of Kabasalan in the province of Zamboanga Sibugay, its name could have been unknown to many and a puzzle to some who have never been there. Being branded as a geographic isolated and depressed area (GIDA) is a hostile feature and a second thought to supply security reason why this place has never been constantly visited by major public and private agencies for civic missions to include medical assistance.

We arrived in the rendezvous when the sun was about to fully burn the outer layer of our skin and our clothes totally soaked with sweat. In spite of the mysterious scenery along the way, the noises of monkeys and choir of birds were of less attention, our aim was to land on a flat form for a period of rest. We took our lunch after an hour and proceeded to our purpose of visiting the place. We learned that the community is populated by the Ocnip clan for centuries, their ancestors had left them a gift of life for them to protect and transmit from generation to generation - the forest, a domain of this Subanen clan at threat of extinction. Logging companies had visited their place pretending as community developers, taught them a modern way of planting crops by clearing the mountain and cutting the trees. They were even paid as these cruel people collected the files of decades or centuries old logs for their benefits. Some young trees were also cut and thrown by the nearby river bank, we may no longer wonder that in the nearest future an erosion of death and flood of blood will draw the heart Kabasalan like an apocalypse of extinction. Unless the government will find ways to initiate recovery and save the remaining trees - our hope, the presence of life and its culture shall dwell in the arms of coexisting modern society responsible to protect Mother Earth.

Going to Shiolan is a testament of life in the brink of extinction.


Posted by Subanen Tribe Website born on March 22 2006 on June 13, 2014 at 3:45 AM Comments comments (1)

This the idea of my beloved cousin Dr. Leony Cayon Jad (station) in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, molded by Mrs. Janie Huminis Hapalla, i am the man of action eversince in  my childhood, By the garace of God last 8 April 2014 is the first meeting we have in Mrs. Janie Huminis Hapalla resident in Tetuan Z.C,. Attended by Mrs. Eulyn Huminis Tingalin and his beloved husband above all Mr. Ryan Victor H. Tingalin (WMSU Professor) he advise what is the best task to mold this new organization into legalization by PSEC. That was then, the born of the GSA. To all reader can you give us your insight about this movement.

Life Learned from the Ground

Posted by Louie on May 20, 2014 at 2:05 AM Comments comments (1)

Angels of the sun: Children of Sitio Matidao, Little Baguio, Imelda, Zamboanga Sibugay

  (Photo credit to Mr. Marven Morre Basinang)

I was born in a middle class family. I was raised with foods prepared on my table before going to school or work. I can say I am lucky enough among others I know who strived hard to meet ends. We are not rich nor have plenty of clothes to wear but we can buy some if needed. I am like any other middle class people who don't care riding "habal-habal" or "Dyip ng bayan", I don't even care going out with "tambays" or "rebels" whose records are feared by many, in fact, I prefer to hang-out with them than spending time over lausy lifeless socialization of elite and prominent friends. This is the way I live, knowing me is definitely being real.

I thought life is as simple as I know the way I live. My work had evolved me to become someone else, someone I didn't visualized. Fighting with myself from becoming robot led me to a Limbo where I almost failed to survive. I learned life better. My intense to learn people became my pasion. I ate raw seafoods once when Kumander Alpha gave me during our trip in Pulo Mabaw, Olutanga, Zamboanga Sibugay. Honestly, most people run from the government may have resulted from their bad personal experiences. That is another story.

As I said, I have stepped on to the ground - a ground where life is a race and a struggle of survival. It is like a long processes of preparing foods on the table and worst of finishing primary education. I have seen many of them who failed to make it, some even died, they are the poorest among the less fortunate kinds. Believe me, there are still remote places where government Health Services are not accessible and there are even places where "Alphabet" is never taught. They changed the way how I view life, my purpose of stepping the ground was to teach them, to reach them and share them the simple knowledge I learned, but, I was wrong, they taught me life instead, they taught me the value of hardship, they taught me friendship despite poverty, they taught me to grow and to love each moment with little food to eat and a smile for little and simple gift shared. They taught me HAPPINESS!

I want to draw smile in their faces, I want to show them how beautiful life is, but how?


Posted by Louie on May 18, 2014 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (0)

SUBANEN COMMUNITY - Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines.

We are sad to inform that pupils from Sitio Matidao, Little Baguio, Imelda, Zamboanga Sibugay and Brgy. Dipala and Palinta of Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay, are in need of your support for their educational assistance particularly school supplies. Our survey to identify number of IPs presently in our province has ended finding out that most of IPs were not given PANTAWID or 4Ps supports which is supposed to give them an additional help especially educational needs for their children. Whatever the reason why they were not given with the above stated opportunity is no longer important, what we need now is your good heart in supporting their needs by donating Bags, Notebooks, Pencils/Ballpens, slippers and clothings. 

This picture was taken at Sitio Matidao, Little Baguio, Imelda, Zamboanga Sibugay. (Photo credit to Mr. Marven Morre Basinang)

From Here to Generations next to Us

Posted by Louie on April 15, 2014 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (3)

I do research on the native ancestry my family came from.. As you see, we were never identified by the community as Subanen because we never practice any of its activities.. We were never been recognized by this neglected Tribe until a certain Guilingan, who was a tribe leader traced us in 1996. I, myself was not even aware until I was told by my sister when I turned 18. We have a beautiful family history that I thought a "just to while time" every time my father spoke in my childhood years.. We have folktales, legends and epics which were transmitted from generation to generation that i thought another bedtime stories.. It isn't just a bedtime stories because its value is more than the story itself.. However, its original versions were impaired from time to time because we do not know any from the Subanen language as to where it must be well preserved and from what group it belongs since most were having almost equal chronological story map.. Three days ago, I decided to collect more information from the web and to trace the family since we were disintegrated from them for century now.. As to where my foot steps draw its direction is a serendipity of my TRIBE.. My life has been in different controversies and still an enigma to many.. My survival is a legend!! Our family is even a baffling statement to most of you here.. To join you is to FREE a soul which has been buried in the graves of my ancestors..

1st Subanen Tribal Congress

Posted by Dr. H.C. Datu Panungo Edelverios Paundog on February 12, 2013 at 7:25 AM Comments comments (5)

 I urge all my Subanen brothers and sisters, or the whole Subanen communities, to help and support for us to launch the 1st Subanen Tribal Congress ! Together, We can make the Subanen Tribal Congress a reality !

Cilture and Tradition

Posted by Ismail on July 29, 2012 at 2:40 AM Comments comments (6)

Peace to all:

Ang napansin ko lamng ay sa Subanen, ang community natin ay enfluence na ng ibang kultura. May mga cultural community offices ang govt at mahigpit ngani ang pagkuha ng certification of tribal membership kapag muslim ka although Subanen parin. Pero ang mga officers and staff nila ay hindi naman mga original Subanen practicing. Silay mga Christian na at ang subanen way of life ay pang stage nalang. sorry pero sa pag iikot ko sa Mindanao, tanging taga bundok talaga at iilan nalang ang masabi na original. Ung ibang Subanen ay sinasabi na di daw Subanen ang iba kay muslim na, pero ang ibang mga Timuay natin ay mga pastor na rin...Ang napansin ko rin, ang ibang Subanen kapag nakapag aral na ay iiwanan na ang kultura at aadopt na ng ibang kultura at Bisayan culture (mostly christian culture) Walang masama sana na mag hanap ng ibang faith dahil kaligtasan yon sa kabilang buhay basta huwag iwanan ang kultura at sa halip linangin ito ng mabuti upang katanggap tanggap sa madla. At napansin ko pa, ang mga tribal group sa Mindandano gaya ng Subanen, Maranao, Magindanao, etc. ay dati ay iisang animist. Ang Subanen noong nag adopt ng Christianity ay nawala na ang ibang kultura at hindi kagaya ng mga Maranaw at Magiundanao at iba pa na nag Islam, hindi nawala ang identity at kultura. Sa bahay nila ay nag mamalong parin at  Inalis lang ang ibang gawaing imoral at bawal sa Islam gaya ng baboy. Paumanhin ngunit ito ay obserbasyon ko lamang po. My salaam

Beklug 2012 @ Municipality of Lapuyan

Posted by Subanen Tribe Website born on March 22 2006 on August 3, 2010 at 12:08 AM Comments comments (12)

Gempya Gendaw,


Have you experience the tribal sacred Good harvest Celebration. Come and join us to experiance this most exciting tribal "FESTIVAL".