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Life Learned from the Ground

Posted by Louie on May 20, 2014 at 2:05 AM

Angels of the sun: Children of Sitio Matidao, Little Baguio, Imelda, Zamboanga Sibugay

  (Photo credit to Mr. Marven Morre Basinang)

I was born in a middle class family. I was raised with foods prepared on my table before going to school or work. I can say I am lucky enough among others I know who strived hard to meet ends. We are not rich nor have plenty of clothes to wear but we can buy some if needed. I am like any other middle class people who don't care riding "habal-habal" or "Dyip ng bayan", I don't even care going out with "tambays" or "rebels" whose records are feared by many, in fact, I prefer to hang-out with them than spending time over lausy lifeless socialization of elite and prominent friends. This is the way I live, knowing me is definitely being real.

I thought life is as simple as I know the way I live. My work had evolved me to become someone else, someone I didn't visualized. Fighting with myself from becoming robot led me to a Limbo where I almost failed to survive. I learned life better. My intense to learn people became my pasion. I ate raw seafoods once when Kumander Alpha gave me during our trip in Pulo Mabaw, Olutanga, Zamboanga Sibugay. Honestly, most people run from the government may have resulted from their bad personal experiences. That is another story.

As I said, I have stepped on to the ground - a ground where life is a race and a struggle of survival. It is like a long processes of preparing foods on the table and worst of finishing primary education. I have seen many of them who failed to make it, some even died, they are the poorest among the less fortunate kinds. Believe me, there are still remote places where government Health Services are not accessible and there are even places where "Alphabet" is never taught. They changed the way how I view life, my purpose of stepping the ground was to teach them, to reach them and share them the simple knowledge I learned, but, I was wrong, they taught me life instead, they taught me the value of hardship, they taught me friendship despite poverty, they taught me to grow and to love each moment with little food to eat and a smile for little and simple gift shared. They taught me HAPPINESS!

I want to draw smile in their faces, I want to show them how beautiful life is, but how?

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