(8 April 2014)

08 April 2014, Global Subanen Association Incorporated through the concept of Dr. Leony Cayon Jad,station in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia she proposed via Facebook daily communication, sharing ideas, conversation, contribution of knowledge with Mrs Janie Hapalla Huminis Hapalla station in Zamboanga City, Mrs Jaunita Sanghanan Pagsuguiron station in USA and Mr. Loreto (Ayeng) Danda station Singapore, IN 1st meeting 08 April the 1st dinner meeting held to resident of Mar. Janie Huminis Hapalla attended by Ayeng Danda, Mrs. Eulyn Huminis Tangali son of Mrs. Eulyn , Ryan Victor Tangali a WMSU Professor become a legal consultant of the meeting. At that meeting Ayeng Danda, share the existing United Subanen Community Association Inc. (USCA) not maintain for few year, As per Prof. Ryan Victor Huminis Tangali he is a law graduate in WMSU that is not easy to pay the yearly penalty it more costly than to start new form or name of association. It was majority decided to create new association into GLOBAL SUBANEN ASSOCIATION INC.(GSA). Then 2nd meeting help same location last 13 May 2014 all the inquiry to Philippines Security Exchange Commission (PSEC) have done even to reserve the name has been completed done, 10 July 2014 the bank account opening have been completed done. Preliminary Organisation Chart are share for open comments. Above in parallel to the submission all document to PSEC the GSA Inc.. lunch the “Balik Eskwela Labis, Papel and Tsenelas” campaign in Ipil, Brgy Dipala, Palinta, Kabasalan, Brgy. Little Baquuio Imelda and other still on going the program.

Indigenous Peoples (IPs)  - Region IX is situated in the Western part of Mindanao, composed of the provinces of Basilan, Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga Sibugay and the Cities of Isabela, Dapitan, Dipolog, Pagadian and Zamboanga with Pagadian City is the Regional Center. More

Datu Wilborn Danda

Datu Wilborne Sanghanan Danda

Timuay Danda, Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay

Datu Wilborne Danda, is a number 05 to 2nd District of Provincial Board member seat held las May 11, 2010 election, i would like to extend our thank you to all who support him.

Pastor Ricky Corner


Ghempya gandaw tu helunanen


Inan si Pastor Ricky Imbing Singgo Madrigal Bata-o ni Cesar bu ni Juliefe Madrigal, taga Dlapuyan. Gembage su ha pegya u tu Diwata yani migipat bu mi peron tu dyanamie mga kulang tu dyanan Pamilya.  Mitubosu su paton din hapa nurse, sapap tu tawag tu Diwata  rin Dyanan para megulek tu dyanin kelyag. Mitubosu su dyanan Pastoral Course dito Ebenezer Bible College & Seminary Su 2003.  Nandaw kinie amie Timuay Danda, Kabasalan, Zamboanga Sibugay mi Ministry genem-ton hami-na rin gulek tu diwata, gembagel tandeng su hapesalamato kay meha pengalebe-hon tu sama ta mga subanen.  Hinendon hinie su dyanta prayer na maha ministry –o tu dyanta mga patero mga subanen. Ba sunan-yu melon pa tu dyanta mga pated da pa mahasagipa tu Diwata.


Gebangay nyu yamie menengi-nengi tu Diwata pibya tu dyanin gabang melon pa tu mga pated ta melwas.


Ghembagel salamatu sa dyanyo hilunanen, bigay nyu su dyanyo dyangha matie rinie dyanan sulat.


Su Diwata mengumpya tu hilunan ta.


Su Dyanyo Pateg

Din ni Christ


Ptr. Ricky S. Madrigal

Timuay Fernando Mudai

TilTimuay Fernando Mudai of the Pigsalabukan Bangsa Subanon (PBS),

Timuay Fernando Mudai of the Pigsalabukan Bangsa Subanon (PBS), expresses his disgust before his fellow Mindanaoan Lumads over the desecration of Mt. Canatuan in Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte, where in a Canadian-backed TVI Resource Development Inc. is currently mining for gold and copper. Mt. Canatuan is a sacred mountain of the Subanons. Over 100 Mindanao lumads are currently in Camp Alano, Toril, Davao City for the State of the Indigenous Peoples Address IPA 

Elisha Paul Imbing Sisona Labadia


Im Aileen Pearl Imbing Sisona-Labadia(babylyn). This is my son Elisha Paul.


Born last June 20,2007. He's diagnosed  with Congenital Heart defect( Ventricular Septal Defect) when he's just one month old thru 2D echo in Mercy Hospital in Iligan City.


Inspite of his condition, he has a happy disposition. At the age of 1 yr @ 8mos, he's only 9kg due to his condition. Last February 7,a cardiac evaluation thru 2Decho was done , the result is not good.


His pedia-cardio advised for a surgical closure of his septal defect thru open heartsurgery.


Any body want to donate  of amount please contact direct to


Mrs. Aileen Pearl Imbing Sisona-Labadia

email : [email protected]